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It’s with a great bit of sadness that I announce that this project has been abandoned/canceled. This started as a simple project that the team started making just to learn Unity and now we knew a lot more than back in the day. Looking at the first version of Rolling On and looking at the last version, show how much we grew in terms of "Game Development". We just grew tired of this "test" and want to try our luck on something new in the future.

IntroByte Entertainment will be taking a break to focus on another important things in our lifes (mainly school, since we are all programming students) and then we will be starting working on another project that we already have in mind and trust me we CANNOT wait to share more information once the time is right. But for now that’s all.

This isn’t a goodbye, it’s just a See ya later!,

Diogo Magina

@IntroByte Entertainment


Rolling On | Android 2017.7.2PA 53 MB
Jan 28, 2018

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